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Dia Mundial do Professor

 Dia Mundial do Professor

Dia Mundial do Professor comemora-se  anualmente no dia 5 de outubro. .

Este dia promove todos professores   que dedicam o seu dia-a-dia a ensinar, crianças, jovens e adultos. A mensagem do Dia Mundial do Professor está na dignidade e na importância do professor na sociedade, como construtor de pessoas.

Este trabalho foi elaborado pelos alunos do 10°ano, curso profissional de desporto.

World Teachers’Day

My Ideal Teacher


          Being a teacher is sometimes hard and it requires a lot of work. Without teachers it wouldn’t be possible to be an engineer, a doctor, a vet, a biologist, a scientist, etc.

For me, the perfect teacher would be demanding but also kind to his/her students. The ideal teacher would motivate his /her students to study and he/she would ask them about their doubts. The ideal teacher would show his/her students videos and he/she would suggest online quizzes.

Being a teacher is hard and I know that teachers always want the best for their students and they always care about them. There is not a perfect teacher but if there was I would like him/her to be like this!


 (Pedro Matos – 10ºA)


Each teacher has his/her own characteristics and his/her own way of teaching.

In my opinion, an ideal teacher has to be both: friendly and strict. A teacher’s job is precisely to motivate students and to teach them how to live civilly in society. Without school, there wouldn’t be lawyers, doctors, engineers, …

I myself, as a student, become more focused and interested when my teachers motivate me and help me to develop certain skills, like a sense of independence or even a feeling of mutual help.

However, my ideal teacher needs to be ready to understand his/her students’problems. They have to support them in their decisions and choices.

All teachers are “ideal” and “unique” in their own way and they all contribute to their students’success!


(Maria Nogueira – 10ºA)


Teachers are the basis of our society. They teach our children and make them better people. Without them we wouldn’t have doctors, engineers, firefighters, etc. They help us and teach us almost everything that we know.

My ideal teacher would be kind, patient, smart, funny and helpful. He/She would also have to be firm and make us pay attention and care about our lessons. For me, a teacher would have to be able to make his/her students like school.

My current teachers are the best because they make me be kind and hardworking and also a good student, so I have to be happy and thankful to all of them.


(Gonçalo Veiga – 10ºA)


Although being a teacher is a very hard job, sometimes we tend to forget how important that job is.

Firstly, when I imagine a marvellous teacher, the first thing that comes to my mind is happiness because he /she might bring very good vibes into the classroom.

Secondly, and probably the most important aspect, is that a teacher has to be fair and competent. That way, we will feel “richer” when we leave school.

To sum up, I should be grateful for having teachers that care about me and who are always helping me to become a better person and a better student.


(Inês Lima - 10ºA)


My Ideal Teacher

Teachers have an important role in our society. They are the ones who will help students until they leave school. We, students, are the ones who will guide the future of this world and teachers are here to help us.

A teacher needs to be self-confident, show his happiness to the students. Teachers should innovate their teaching methods with technology what will make us learn better. They must have great communicative skills, listening skills, be patient, be clear, etc. They have to be cool with students, show that they are concerned with our difficulties. When they see us they need to interact more. An ideal teacher is someone that comes to the class prepared, that plays games to be easy to understand what we are learning.

In summary, teachers are very important people in our life, they help us, but we need to do our part too. They are preparing us for the next step of our life.

Luís Nunes, 11º A

With the purpose of celebrating the International Teacher’s Day, there is an activity in our school, in which students have to describe their ideal teacher.

Well, my ideal teacher is not much different from the teachers of my school. If I had the possibility to mix some qualities of my teachers together in one, I would get my ideal type of teacher. From my point of view, teachers can be nice, but not too much; they have to be severe, but not too much; like a perfect sized mix of these two. They must explain the subject to you, but in one moment they have to let you think by yourself. I think my ideal teacher would explain the subject and then make many exercises with the students, because sometimes I only understand it if I practice a lot, or if they explain it multiple times. I don’t like those teachers who give all the job done to their students. They have to be nice when they have to, but they have to be firm and not let students take advantage of them, and I see that many times.

I wouldn’t change any of my teachers. I think they are all very good at their job, and I am very grateful for all things I have learned from them.

Mafalda Rodrigues, 11ºA

Teachers can be one of the biggest influences of our lives, a great teacher can change our whole personality and the way we see the world.

My ideal teacher would be a person I could thrust, be open to ask anything and would be a funny person that would teach me in a way I could easily understand. This teacher would make the learning process easy, he would evaluate his subject from time to time, but would never do evaluation tests. He would understand that not all students are the same and some have a different learning process and a different time to learn, so he would give the chance to all students to learn the way they like.

This teacher would be able to teach everyone and have a positive influence in all students. He would slowly make the world a better place through his wisdom and knowledge he would transmit to every student.

Tiago Silva 11º A

A teacher is a professional in our society that is an important builder of people, he works to guarantee a good future for his students.

In my opinion the ideal teacher should be interested in his students and should always help when necessary. He should be a good and nice person, but in my opinion the most important is that he would be friendly.

It is also important that he did accessible tests so that his students could get very good results.

The teacher is a very important person in the life of the students because he builds the future society. Teachers have got a hard mission.

This is my ideal teacher, but any teacher is a good teacher.

They are a big pillar in our society for everything, pay attention about what I’m saying!

It is a very hard job but they are making it.

So, in my opinion, this is the ideal teacher.

Simão Ramos, 11º A

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